The online Course that gives you knowledge and skills to (finally) help your loved one
get through addiction recovery.

Are you concerned about their alcohol, drug use, addiction recovery or relapse?


Is it your partner, child, sibling, friend, parent, colleague that you're worried about?

Are you unsure how to approach them about their addiction, recovery or relapse? 

Have you been trying to help for years, just starting out, or are they in treatment and you want support for you? 

Do you want them to admit they are struggling with addiction and / or agree to professional help for it?

Do you want their addiction to stop and do you want to support them through full addiction recovery?


Get the knowledge, skills and support you need to help them.

Learn the scientifically proven system of behavioral change techniques to use in this relationship. Get tools to shift their addictive behavior and create positive, lasting change simply by changing the way you communicate, interact with and respond to them.


Our evidence-based Course teaches you how.


It's not an opinion, it's proven effective in multiple clinical trials funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse. Our online Course was produced in collaboration with the creator of CRAFT - the leading method proven to help you, the family, get your loved one through addiction recovery.

Online Course

The complete set of knowledge and skills to guide your actions when your loved one is in addiction and through their full recovery. 12 modular lessons with short videos, exercises, quizzes, plus 2 bonus resources, giving you techniques to increase their recovery motivation and follow through.

Specialist Coaches

Village Coaches are uniquely expert in family addiction, they are certified in CRAFT, with professional and personal experience. Enter a no-judgement zone and practice applying CRAFT skills to your unique relationship and situation weekly with your Coach.


75% of loved ones entered treatment

during our 12 week Course for family members.

90% feel less angry and more supported.

95% feel more confident in how to handle their loved one’s substance use problem.

The data speaks for itself, and what's more, we see quality of life improve for you and your loved one. 


*2020 Clinical Trial Pilot study, funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse. Above results are from participants receiving The Course with Group or Coaching.


Receive the complete CRAFT skillset, and more, to support a loved one through addiction recovery over 12 weeks. Put new skills into practice immediately, making changes you feel and see.

  • Watch short videos to learn the new skill each week.
  • Apply new skills to your situation using exercises provided.
  • Check your progress in the weekly quiz.
  • Practice the skills in your day-to-day interactions, refine, improve and celebrate wins.

Plus, get expert guidance tailored to achieve your goals, in your choice of weekly group or individual sessions with your Coach.

My son made it into a recovery program in California! I realize through my participation in your course, I now have the tools needed to succeed in supporting him no matter what the outcome.

Cathy C., Mar 2020

 "The best part? Having others that relate to what I'm going through, support and learning new techniques to use with my loved one...I come in frustrated and leave sessions hopeful and optimistic.

Deb P., May 2020

That is the biggest difference between CRAFT and a 12 steps program. CRAFT provides you the tools to play in the arena to change your outcomes whereas 12 steps has you sitting on the sidelines waiting.

Sarah H., June 2020


What Village members are saying

Change starts here, now.

Our evidence-based online Course is the proven method for you, the concerned friend or family member, to finally get your loved one through addiction recovery. 

Choose the level of support you need from our three Course options below.

With your 7 day free trial: access the course, meet your coach, cancel anytime.

Instantly access the online Course to support their addiction recovery.

Online Course


  • Proven conversation guides
  • Your action plan to increase their sobriety & decrease their use
  • Treatment & recovery mapping
  • Learning from a relapse together
  • How you can thrive, plus engage & empower support teams
  • 12 weeks + bonus lessons

For 3 months



Try 7 days FREE, then

Instantly access the online Course  & get weekly Group Coaching.

Group Course


  • 12 weeks of Group sessions with a CRAFT Expert Coach
  • Practice & get guidance on skills
  • Learn from and share with others in similar relationships 
  • Get Coach feedback on your goals & challenges that arise

For 3 months




Try 7 days FREE, then

Instantly access the online Course & get weekly 1-1 Private Coaching.


Private Course

  • Schedule 12 weekly Coaching sessions, at your convenience
  • Practice skills 1-1 & get personalized training
  • Apply skills to your situation with undivided Coach attention
  • 1-1 treatment entry planning

For 3 months



Try 7 days FREE, then

Erica Lubetkin

  • CRAFT Certified
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor
  • Private practice

Leah Block

  • CRAFT Certified
  • Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, CASAC
  • Northwell Health

Michelle Kuecker

  • CRAFT Certified, Coach Trainer
  • Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, LAC
  • Colorado Office of Behavioral Health


Village Coaches are uniquely expert in family addiction, certified in CRAFT with both professional and personal experience. 

Enter a no-judgement zone and level up your training to achieve your goals.

"I'm always so impressed at how quickly the person I'm working with feels a shift both within themselves and in their loved ones. Even though I know CRAFT works it's always a magical experience to see others finding hope through the weekly lessons."

"Each human life is like a finger print, no two alike; both individual and unique. With 32 years in practice, when I first discovered CRAFT I realized it was the missing piece for all families facing a loved one in addiction, it can change everything.

"No one knows your family member better than you. You know your loved one’s quirks and habits. Through CRAFT, we will work on skills so you can motivate your loved one to enter treatment and use your love and support to get them to agree to help."

First time here?

Watch the video to see why people just like you love our evidence-based approach.

If you're reading this then you probably know how that feels.

I felt the insidious secrecy and isolation, and I saw how inaccessible quality information was for people like me: the friends and families so motivated to help our loved ones - those 23 million Americans struggling with substance use disorders each year. So many affected, still our cultural conditioning keeps us silent about it.

Most approaches had me sitting on the sidelines and feeling bad about how much I cared, instead of actively participating in a solution-based way. Yet research shows that family and friends can effectively use their relationships to improve addiction outcomes, if only we had the skills.


In 2012 I discovered my best friend, now husband, was struggling with addiction and in the years following I struggled to support him.

"It's my belief that every family on the front lines facing addiction deserves access to the top standard of support, and that with evidence-based knowledge and skills we gain a fighting chance against it."

Eventually I was given a book (and eventually I read) about Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT), the leading evidence-based method for families with a loved one in addiction. I knew I was onto something different: evidence-based, optimistic and action-oriented.  

But why did so few people know about it?
Why was it hidden away in a book? And how do I apply it to my relationship?

I founded We The Village in 2018 with the mission to close the addiction knowledge gap for families and to arm them with skills to change their loved one's addiction trajectory.  We do this by surfacing and training families in the leading science-backed skills paired with stigma-free support in modern, accessible, digital programs. And we do this by connecting members with uniquely expert family addiction specialists.

We teamed up with Dr. Meyers, the creator of CRAFT to produce the exact online CRAFT Course & Coaching Process that we're now offering to you.  We rigorously tested this in a Clinical Trial funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) to ensure it lived up to our standards and achieved conclusive results, which it did! We saw high rates of treatment entry, retention, and improved quality of life for your loved one and you! (Among other impressive outcomes.)

We believe in empowering families to get through addiction recovery.

This work we do is not easy but, you and I, we're the right people to do it.

You may feel like you've tried everything, but you haven't tried this...yet!

I hope you will give our Course a go, it's the training I wish I had.
We're here, every step of the way with you.

So, let's begin!



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